I’ve been passionate about photography ever since I borrowed my Mom’s Minolta XG-7 for a middle school photography class way back in the olden days of 1996.    After a brief time with a DSLR, I came back to film photography, and is what I primarily shoot, though the occasional DSLR or iPhone shot does make an appearance in my portfolio.

Beyond that I’m an avid a car guy who enjoys the strange and the quirky and has a great appreciation different engineering solutions as they appeared in different manufacturers thorough out history.

This engineering interest extends to old computers as well. When not fixing a car, many times I can be found working on and using computers from the 1980’s.

Beyond that, I engage in a large range of creative pursuits, of which this blog is but one example. Other places to find me which are not strictly photography related:

Retro Video Game stream: https://twitch.tv/mechanicjay
MechanicJays Car Blog: https://mechanicjay.com
Instragram: https://instagram.com/the_real_mechanicjay